PRESS & publicity for the Motional Figure

Some of the news and press publicity:

An informative and nicely worded plaque has been placed next to the sculpture:


For the opening event I prepared a pamphlet on the making process and people that worked with me in the making & fabrication process. Thanks and credit are due to others in the Council at Elmbridge that made the programme run smoothly: David Burrows, Maggs Latter, Lisa Wyn, Liz Taylor, all of the enthusiastic supporters at the X cell complex and the surveyors that assisted at different times.

Press Photographers pics:


A rough cut video from the inauguration day of the sculpture with the Elmbridge Mayor and Mayoress:

A video from installation of the sculpture to the despatch from the workshops, the unusual metallic sound effects are from the wind… perhaps time to add some music.


I have been meeting with a few writers and curators since the installation, Crista Cloutier is one and there is a slow development of a book about  art, sport and the sculpture the Motional Figure.  This is likely to include in depth photography that brings the surface, light and environmental interaction forward, with some stories about people and the effects of art and sport on their lives.

– It is interesting to note that Mo Farah lives not far across the river from the sculpture and more than a dozen sports competitors contended the Olympics in 2012 from near the locality.


About Mark Stammers

Is a Visual & Fine Artist making abstract Sculpture & Painting, public art and commissions.
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