A little about my art pieces so far

This year began with a call out from Hull – a Moth For Amy, I made a small concept sketch for this and noted that Amy Johnson landed in Aleppo to refuel on her famous flight to Australia, In this light I planned to paint within the round discs of the moth eyes, images of Aleppo then 1934 and now. The theme was for artists to paint 2 m long pre made  sculpture pieces.

Mark Stammers_Amy Johnson moth_edited-1


I was invited by Arts Trail Leamington  to use a new studio space in the City centre of Coventry, some views from the heights of the tower block are below.

view-from-studio-CP-e Mark Stammers art

sky-view-2-CP-e Mark Stammers art

view-3--from-CP-e Mark Stammers art

A view from my studio


I have made abstract painting since a very long time, however painting I showed in 2012,


in the title Plateaux IV have allowed me to develop some figurative cartoon drawings, that give me the opportunity to directly address the issues that arise from the dictatorship personalities, previously distressing my activity and this led to the tiny exhibition Privately & Confidentially shown at AE Contemporary Art, Warwick 2015 this 4 second video gives a sense of the imagery, working with printers and developing the character of the original paintings to form the heightened quality of colour to the prints, something like satire:


With this temporary release to the figure, the Amy project led to some research for Aleppo, a drone video of Homs left a deathly silence on the image, and this led to some of my current figure pieces indicated below with some photos of my painting space at one end of the studio, plenty of room for sculpture, but just getting set up:


view-of-the-studio-space-at-CP-e Mark Stammers art

Work-2-in-progress-CP-e Mark Stammers art

A commission to use some earth pigments led to a cartoon to follow this development, however the drawing developed into a pencil drawing, and now seems held their unless I can find how to colour the piece:

cartoon-1-a3-e Mark Stammers art

A retired Journalist request.






Not wholly sure if it works, but so far only a pencil drawing. other painting is moving forward and should be ready to show in the summer.

Some small painting;


In the background 


On the back Burner is still a collaboration with Gerry to make a photo and painting piece about Jepherson Gardens, I have made all of the imagery, photos and two paintings that relate to the place, the piece is to be quite large so bringing all of the different components together ready for printing is taking some time, some proof prints Gerry has made so far bring out a magical sense of place, that everyone will recognise from their own feelings about the park.  I am still considering a new photo image to add to the piece.

Sculpture & public art

Slowly slowly, a large sculpture I have designed previously is reaching a modelling stage, time is short with new work being sought to fund the initial design stages so the development is moving slow, but the costing and fabrication is all prepared in plan.

A visit to the River Thames near the Motional Figure, found the water unusually calm:





About Mark Stammers

Is a Visual & Fine Artist making abstract Sculpture & Painting, public art and commissions.
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